Segment 2 includes a minimum of 6 hours of classroom instructions.

These are the state of Michigan Requirements and not Michigan Driving Schools requirements they are regulations required by the state of Michigan and must be met by any student before they begin their first day of a Segment 2 course. These requirements will need to be shown on the first day of class. Any student that does not have a permit that you can easily read the issue date at the top will not be allowed to attend class that current Segment 2 course. It is the parents' responsibility to read all these requirements and know what their students need to have before they enroll them for a Segment 2 course.

For your teen to participate in SEGMENT 2 DRIVER EDUCATION COURSE, a supervised driving log must be presented to the Segment 2 instructor verifying at least 30 hours (including 2 hours of nighttime driving) were completed with a licensed parent, legal guardian, or designated licensed driver 21 years of age of older.

They have had to held their level 1 license permit for at least 90 days before they can attend Segment 2. These requirements are required by the state of Michigan and any student that enrolls in a course that has not met the requirements will be unable to take the class and will not be issued a refund.

Segment 2 student
Segment 1 Process GDL Process after March 16, 2021 New CARS process

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