Our response to covid-19

To maintain the health of our employee's and students, we have a NO mask, NO entry policy. We are requiring all individuals to wear a mask, while inside our classrooms, business office, and our driver's education vehicles', or when in the presence of other individual. Any student that does not come prepared with a mask, will not be able to continue their schedule training, and will incur a cancelation or no-show fee.

Screening for recent travel and wellness, as well as temperature checks, will be completed on all employees and students who enter our premises and/or driver's education vehicles'. We are required by the state of Michigan to following certain requirements and we take these requirements pertaining to the virus very seriously. For the health and safety of all our staff and students. We are not only responsible for our staff, but we also have parents who are trusting Michigan Driving School as a company to maintain a healthy, safe, and clean environment for their students. Michigan Driving School will send any individual who fails a health screening or is not willing to follow our covid-19 safety and wellness guidelines home until 14 days have passed, or until they can provide proof of wellness or medical clearance. (Cancelation fees will not be assessed for students who are ill, however we may require proper documentation depending on the situation). Michigan Driving School will follow all HIPPA and privacy guidelines for any of these types of situation. Students records are considered confidential and will not be shared with any 3rd party individuals. Our full privacy policy is also available here: www.michigandrivingschools.net

Michigan Driving School cleans and disinfects all our classrooms after each class session. Our driver's education vehicle is cleaned and disinfected by our instructors, in between each student after each driving session. If a student does not come to class prepared or to a driving session prepared with the proper PPE requirements it will be considered a no-show and fees and or cancelation fees will be applied. So please make sure to read all emails and Covid-19 information that is sent to each parent the Friday before each of our segments begin.

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