About Us

Mission statement:

Learning how to drive and getting your driver's license is a major milestone in every teenager's life. We at Michigan Driving School take great pride in providing the right foundation of classroom comprehension and hands on skills to help our students become safe and confident behind the wheel. Every teenager has the ability to become a responsible driver. Michigan Driving School's mission is to provide each student with the knowledge and foresight to become a safe driver.

Company History:

Michigan Driving School was established in 1993. A Detroit public school teacher saw the opportunity in providing teenagers with the skills needed to make a difference in the young drivers from within his community. From there the company has adapted and evolved into a corporation, with many different communities served over the years. It was founded with the passion and drive to make a difference in younger drivers today. Michigan Driving School was started by this public-school teacher almost 30 years ago. The founder has since retired, the company has been sold twice since it was established in 1993. Today as the new owner my passion, motivation, ethics, and values are what will drive me to make Michigan Driving School a company that every student will value just as much as I do.

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